Faglig bakgrunn og erfaring.

My Profile

Ph. D Organic Chemistry from Norwegian University of Science and Technology 1980.
-10 years experience in competitor analysis and patent and technology surveillance.
-15 years experience in drug development for the pharmaceutical industry.
- Experience in synthesis and analysis of antibody drug conjugates
- Extensive and profound insight in the analysis of complex data set.

10 years experience in surface modification of polymer particles (Ugelstad beads)
10 years experience management with profit responsibility and staff liability.


1980 Ph. D Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Organic Chemistry

1974 Master of Science Norwegian University of Science and Technology, of Organic Chemistry

Professional experience:

2015-2016: Arctic Pharma

2013-2015 Algeta. Senior Scientist

2003 Clavis Pharma: Director Chemical R&D/Senior Research Scientist
2002 Borregaard: Laboratory Manager Analytical Chemistry
2000 Borregaard Synthesis: Section Manager Organic Synthesis
1997 Amersham Pharmacia Biotech: Staff Scientist
1992 Pharmacia Biotech: Section Manager /Senior Scientist
1987 Dyno Industries/Dyno Particles/Dynochrom: Senior Scientist
1987 Resevoir Laboratories: Senior Scientist
1980 SINTEF/IKU: Senior Scientist
1975 Institute for Organic,Chemistry: Assistant Professor

Personal profile:

Full of ideas, have focus on technology. Enjoy to expand my field of research and to work with varied and demanding tasks.
Personal interests: Love music (5 years of classical guitar training), literature , reading philosophy, taking pictures, astronomy and cooking.